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The 5 Steps To Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful time. THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group is here to help alleviate excess stress from the process to allow you to focus on what’s really important. Let us do the hard work, it’s what we're here for! To help make this process easier, we have broken down the home selling process into 5 easy steps:

1. | Choosing Your Representation

There are so many decisions and subsequent tasks that go into selling your home, all of which can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Making sure that the agent that you choose to represent you is not only going to help you get top dollar from your sale but will also be a reliable and trusted resource for information and answers to your questions.

Our agents are here to help you. Working collaboratively, we will help you determine the best price point for your property. We then develop optimal marketing strategies to ensure that there isn’t any money left on the table after your sale concludes. THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group will also help you to determine which repairs and upgrades need to be made that get you the most return on your investment, without preventable hiccups during the inspection process. Furthermore, we provide elite guidance through every other critical decision throughout the sale process from beginning to end. Call, text, e-mail, or schedule a visit!

2. | Preparing Your Home For Market

You want your home to make an impactful first impression on prospective buyers. Those first few days when a listing goes live on the market are so important. From deep cleaning your home, tidying up the yard, executing necessary repairs and upgrades, to scheduling professional photos, videography, and staging – a lot needs to be done before you can put your home on the market. We will guide you step by step!

Prior to putting your home up for sale, THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group will help you assess the current state of your home and create a to-do list of prep work needed to get your home ready for market. Our agents have a vast network of professional contacts for services that can handle any repair or maintenance task that your home may need. Once your home is ready, we will schedule state-of-the-art professional photography, videography, and 3D walkthroughs of your home.

3. | Marketing Your Home

After the prep work is done, it is time to list your home for sale! THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group will create a professional and strategic marketing plan to release across multiple different MLS sites including Redfin and Zillow. Every single local agent will be alerted of the new listing, which allows them to inform any prospective buyers that they are currently representing that might be a good fit for your home. Our goal is to get your listing in front of every single person in the State of Washington who is looking to buy. We also send it to our connections across the globe.

THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group will also create an accompanying Facebook and Social Media campaign in conjunction with an open house, to greatly increase the market visibility of your home. If any buyers or agents request to see your home, you can rest easy knowing that we will handle coordinating any showings on your behalf. We have the technology to track who is in your home, how long they are in your home, and the resources to ensure that they are licensed real estate agents with the State of Washington representing bonafide purchasers. We will handle it all! Call, text, e-mail, or schedule a visit!

4. | Choosing The Best Offer

THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group handles the foundation of your sale with elite regard to ensure that you get immediate offers. There are a lot of different strategies to consider when choosing the best offer that works for your specific needs. It isn’t always the highest offer price that matters, but rather the best possible terms. Buyers can offer you the highest numbers that they are able, but if it doesn’t close, it doesn’t matter. We will create a multiple-offer spreadsheet so that you have complete clarity when making your decision. We will guide you through each offer with unmatched attention to detail.

You can respond 3 ways to an offer - you can accept, decline, or provide a counteroffer. We will deliver the best council on how to proceed with any potential offers and THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group will negotiate them on your behalf, saving you time and headache.

Once an offer has been accepted, next comes the inspection, the appraisal, the opening of title, escrow, and ultimately – closing! We will monitor these processes for you to guarantee the timely completion and satisfaction of all forms, contingencies, and contract stipulations required to close!

5. | Congratulations On A Successful Sale!

Paperwork has been signed, bags are packed, funds are received, and the keys have been handed over to the new owner. YOU DID IT! Time for a new adventure! If you have any questions after closing, THE | AGENTS Real Estate Group is always here to help!

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