9 Questions To Ask Your Puyallup Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

9 Questions To Ask Your Puyallup Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

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  • 12/13/23

Buying a home is a significant life decision, and it's often one of the most substantial financial investments you'll ever make. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate connoisseur, having the right real estate agent by your side is crucial. But, just like any partnership, effective communication is key.

Read on to explore the essential questions to ask your Puyallup real estate agent when buying a home. These questions will not only help you gain clarity and confidence but also ensure a seamless and enjoyable home-buying experience.

Question #1: Why is the owner selling the property?

The owner's reason for selling a property can significantly impact whether it's the right property for your needs. Sometimes, sellers are ready to move for obvious reasons: they're ready to move into a bigger property, they're ready to downsize after the kids have grown up and moved away, or they may be ready to move out of the area. However, sellers may also choose to put a property on the market for other reasons, including problems with the home that they need to get away from. A seller choosing to sell for financial reasons or who needs to move quickly due to job requirements may not have had time to fix everything around the house — and they might be more motivated to sell.

Question #2: How long has the property been on the market?

Talk to your real estate agent about how long a specific property has been on the market and about the general movement of properties in the current market throughout Puyallup. If the property has been on the market for a long time, especially if other nearby homes have been selling quickly, it could indicate that there is a problem with the property: a selling price that is too high, for example, or an underlying structural problem that has not been dealt with.

Knowing how long the home has been on the market can also give you an edge when negotiating. Often, the longer a property has been on the market, the more willing sellers are to offer concessions, including decreasing the home's asking price or agreeing to take care of critical repairs.

Question #3: How is the home priced compared to others in the area?

Your real estate agent can help you closely examine how the property you're considering is priced compared to others in the local area. Pricing isn't just about the home's square footage or the property's acreage, though those are key elements. It may also take into account other features of the home, including the home's amenities, the number of rooms it has, and even what upgrades the seller may have made to the property. Your real estate agent can give you a better idea of whether or not the home is competitively priced compared to others in the area.

Question #4: What is the property's sales history?

Understanding the property's sales history can provide insights into its price trends and ownership background. Has the property changed hands frequently, or has it been in the possession of a single owner for an extended period? A real estate agent can quickly look up that information and provide deeper insights into how often the property has been sold. A property that is sold again soon after purchase may indicate underlying problems.

Question #5: Are there any pending offers or bids on the property?

It's vital to know if there are any pending offers or bids on the property you're interested in. If other prospective buyers are interested in the same residence, it may indicate a competitive market. Understanding the level of interest in the property can help you make informed decisions regarding your timing, offer terms, and negotiation strategies.

Question #6: What is the average monthly cost of maintaining the property?

Utilities, including gas, electricity, and water, often make up a significant percentage of the maintenance costs on a property. Several factors can influence those essential costs, including the size of the home and its insulation. Before you make an offer on a property, make sure you know what those monthly costs will look like and how they will fit into your budget. Talk to your real estate agent about average utility costs for the area and the specific costs for the property you're considering.

Question #7: What is the neighborhood like?

You may already have done your research about Puyallup. However, you may need to learn the specifics of the neighborhood: the events and festivals held directly in that area, the school your children will attend, or even the shopping or restaurants available within a short drive from the property. Before you select your home, talk to your real estate agent about the neighborhood. You want to find a community that aligns with your lifestyle.

Question #8: Is this home in an HOA community?

For some people, an HOA is a positive when buying a home. HOAs may provide increased resources and community amenities. They often maintain communal parks and pools and may provide business centers and clubhouses or host community events. Living in an HOA community, however, also means following the rules laid out by the association. HOAs typically come with monthly dues as well. Before you select a property, talk to your real estate agent about whether you are considering a property in an HOA community and what rules, regulations, and fees may accompany it.

Question #9: Have there been any recent renovations or repairs?

Inquiring about recent renovations or repairs is crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the property's overall condition and maintenance history. Knowing what upgrades or fixes have been made in recent years can help you assess potential maintenance needs and the overall quality of the home.

By asking these critical questions about your potential home, you'll empower yourself with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. Buying a home is a significant point in life, and the more you understand about the property and its surroundings, the better equipped you'll be to choose a home that truly fits your desires and needs. Remember, your real estate agent is your ally in this process, so don't hesitate to seek answers to these questions to ensure a smooth and confident home-buying experience. Your dream home is waiting, and with the right questions, you'll find it.

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